When Can I Use Walker For Baby?

Babies are curious and active by nature and want to explore the world around them but can’t do it without support. A walker is a helpful tool that allows babies to learn how to crawl, stand and walk independently. 

When can I use walker for baby? You can use a walker for your baby when they are six months old. However, there are some factors that you need to consider before buying one for your baby.

Firstly, ensure that the walker has been tested and certified by ASTM or JPMA standards, ensuring it is safe for your child. 

The walker should also have a good grip, so it doesn’t slip easily on surfaces like tiles, laminate, hardwood, etc. 

Also, it should have a non-slip surface at the bottom of the legs so that it does not move when you place it on the floor. 

The best way to know whether these requirements are met is by reading reviews about different models available in the market today.

The next thing to look at when buying a walker for your child is its height adjustment feature. When using this kind of device, always ensure that you adjust its height according to your child’s height, needs, and requirements.

Using a walker also helps babies learn about cause-and-effect relationships between actions and reactions — for example, they push on the floor with their feet to move forward. They might learn how to use their arms to try open doors or pick up objects off the ground without your help.

Can we use walker for six months baby?

Yes, you can use a walker for 6-months old baby, and you may also need a safe and secure walker for your baby to play with. A walker is a toy that will help your child learn how to walk. However, it is not advisable to use it until the baby reaches the age of 6 months.

This recommendation is that babies are more likely to fall if they use this walker before they reach six months. Thus, it is best if your baby uses this toy when they have more control over their body movements.

If you are wondering about the safety of using a walker with your 6-month-old baby, check out these guidelines:

1) Don’t use a walker if your child is still on the small side or if the baby has a low muscle tone (hypotonia). If your baby has difficulty sitting up on their own and is not yet able to push up from sitting and stabilize themself while in a sitting position, they may not be developmentally ready for a walker.

2) Don’t use a walker until your child can sit up by themself without the support and push up from a seated position without toppling backward or falling forward. -This typically occurs between 4 and 6 months.

3) Make sure the walker is stable enough for your child’s weight and size so that she doesn’t topple over when playing with it.

4) Always supervise—and closely—when your little one is playing in the baby walker

Right age for baby walker

The right age for your child to begin using a baby walker is different for every child. Some children can start using a baby walker as early as three months, while others may not be ready until 12 months.

When it comes to deciding when your child is ready to use a baby walker, there are several factors you should consider. The most important of these is their physical and mental development.

Physical Development

A baby’s ability to sit up without support is an essential milestone in physical development. When they reach this stage, the child has developed enough control over their muscles to hold their head up and maintain their balance while sitting upright.

Mental Development

A baby who can sit up without support will also begin crawling and may be able to pull themself up into a standing position on furniture or other objects within reach. They may even take a few wobbly steps while holding on to something nearby (like the coffee table).

If your child hasn’t reached these milestones yet but seems otherwise ready (for example, if the baby plays with toys on the floor), then it’s still possible that the baby might be physically and mentally prepared for a baby walker point in time.

Can you stop using walker at 12 months, baby? 

Yes, you can stop using the walker at 12 months.

If you have been using a walker for your baby, it is time to get rid of it and move on to something else.

The recommended age for using a walker is between 6 and 12 months. But if your child has already started walking before six months or after 12 months, then it is better to stop using it.

Walkers are generally not recommended until your child is at least six months old, as babies are not mature enough to use them safely until that age. However, some parents use them earlier than this with the help of an older sibling or caregiver who can keep an eye on their child while they play.

If you have an older child who can supervise their younger sibling while playing in the walker, this could be a good option for you.

You should also try to avoid using walkers if:

Your child has any neurological problems such as seizures or developmental delays (mainly if they are related to motor function). These might make it difficult for them to use a walker without hurting themselves or falling over correctly.


When should use walker for baby? The best time to use a walker is when your baby starts crawling on hands and knees (around 12 months). If you wait too long, they’ll likely rely on the walker instead of learning how to crawl first. Once the baby starts walking unassisted, the walker can still be used for balance practice or playtime with toys.

When to use walker for baby? When they’re ready.

Not all babies are ready for a walker at the same age, and some children may need some time to start walking on their own, while others may be ready much earlier than expected. Your pediatrician can tell you when your little one should start using a walker, so they do not get injured by falling off or bumping into objects around them.

What should I look for in a baby walker? Several factors will affect how well a walker works for your child: 

Age: Your child’s age will affect whether they need a walker; they’re not ready until they can stand up unassisted. Some babies start walking as early as five months old, but most are closer to seven or eight months old when they can first use one safely.

Height: If you want to buy an adjustable one so it lasts longer, then consider height restrictions before purchasing one

When can I use walker for baby? In general, parents start using walkers around six months old. 

-This is because babies are strong enough at this age to stand up and move around without falling. However, some parents start using them earlier if their child has begun crawling before six months old.