When Can I Bathe My Newborn After Cord Falls Off?

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Bathing your new baby for the first time is such a special moment. You get to see them all clean and fresh, smelling sweet and cozy. 

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It’s a great experience for both of you, but it’s important to be cautious about when to start bathing your newborn

When can I bathe my newborn after cord falls off? You can bathe your newborn a few days after the umbilical cord has fallen off, and you can also bathe them as soon as the stump falls off, usually about two to three days after delivery.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are several reasons why you should wait at least 24 hours before bathing your baby. When your child is born, they will still have their mucus plug covering their mouth and nose until it falls out naturally within one or two days

This means that bathing them too soon could result in water going into their lungs, which can cause serious problems, including pneumonia or even death in rare cases.

How soon can I bathe my newborn after the umbilical cord falls off

As soon as your baby’s cord stump falls off, you may start bathing your baby in the tub. Until then, be sure to cleanse their skin with a warm washcloth or gauze pad.

Most newborns can bathe a week after the umbilical cord falls off. Newborns do not need to be bathed as often as older infants because newborn skin is extra sensitive. 

Wait at least two days between baths and only cleanse your baby’s face, diaper area, and bottom with warm water during this period. Wash your hands before and after diapering or changing soaps or lotions on your baby’s skin.

After removing your baby from the water and patting them dry with a towel, gently apply petroleum jelly or other moisturizers to their belly button area. This helps keep it from getting irritated and speeds healing time by keeping it moist until it falls off naturally.

How do I care for my newborn’s umbilical cord stump after a bath?

Your newborn’s umbilical cord stump will have to be cared for until it falls off on its own. It should stay dry and clean, but don’t apply anything to it.

Babies can take warm baths but don’t leave them in the water too long. They also need to be dried carefully around their umbilical cord.

If you lift your baby out of the water, pat them dry with a soft towel, then gently use a piece of gauze or other material to rub around their belly button and umbilical cord stump gently.

 Here are some tips for keeping your baby’s umbilical cord stump safe:

  • Don’t put the cord in direct sunlight as this can cause discoloration or sunburns on their skin and could lead to infection if left exposed too long without protection.
  • Keep their belly button out of the water when bathing them, as this will help prevent fungal infections from developing under their umbilical cord stump while they’re still healing from birth (keep them bottom half-submerged, though).

If you think something is wrong with your baby’s umbilical cord stump, contact your physician immediately.

How should I bathe my newborn after the stump falls off?

Wash your newborn’s body with mild soap and warm water.

Make sure that the water is not too hot or cold. It should feel comfortable when you run it over your skin, so test the temperature of the water on yourself first, then test it on your baby’s skin to make sure it feels okay.

You should not use any soap on the umbilical cord stump. The stump will fall off on its own, but if you use anything other than plain water to clean your newborn’s belly button after the stump falls off, you might end up irritating their new belly button for no reason at all.

When the cord falls off, you can bathe your baby regularly after that point—ensure that you don’t get soap near their belly button unless you’re specifically washing around it and making sure not to get any near there. 

The stump may be a little pink, but it should NOT be red or oozing pus-like an adult would have after getting cut open with a knife (if this happens, then call 911 immediately).


How often to bathe a newborn with the umbilical cord? The old adage of “once a day” is still the best advice, and it’s better to bathe your newborn baby as often as possible.

You should definitely bathe your baby at least once a day, but if you have time and energy on your hands, try bathing them twice a day. The more often you can bathe your newborn, the better off they’ll be.

Your baby will get very dirty, so it’s best to bathe them daily. Be careful when washing them around the umbilical cord. The baby won’t feel like a newborn for long, so enjoy every moment.

Utmostly, there is no specific bath time. Your baby’s umbilical cord stump will disappear within 2 or 3 months, usually with no problems. You can bathe your newborn and wash the bottom part of their body, including washing around the stump area. It would be best if you did not use soap or ointments on the stump because they may irritate it.

When can I bathe my newborn after the stump falls off? You can bathe your newborn after the stump falls off, but you don’t have to. Even if you are nervous, try not to worry about it too much. The stump will fall off at some point and when it does, wash your baby like any other time.

You should not bathe them for two weeks after it falls off. Wash your hands before and after touching the stump, and use a clean washcloth or towel that has been washed thoroughly in hot water and dried.

Don’t use alcohol swabs or lotions on the stump area; these can irritate the wound. Choose water at room temperature. Since newborns cannot control their body temperature, place a washcloth or towel in the sink since the baby should be dried immediately after bathing.

When can I bathe my newborn after cord falls off? Bathing your newborn after the cord falls off is safe but not necessarily recommended.

Until your baby’s umbilical cord has fallen off (at birth, this occurs within five to seven days from birth), you should avoid any water exposure for both your baby and yourself. If a washcloth or sponge is used to wipe off their bottom during the first few days of life and there’s any chance that urine or stool has gotten onto your hands, be sure to wash and sanitize them afterward with soap and warm water and then rinse well.