What Strollers Convert To Double?

Having two or more children can be a lot of work. And when it comes to getting out of the house with these little ones, it helps to have a stroller that’s not only comfy and safe to ride in but also easy to maneuver. 

Whether you’re looking for a double stroller that converts from single, or you want one that’s compatible with your car seat, there are plenty of options on the market. 

To help you find the right one for your family’s needs, we’ve put together this guide outlining some of our favorite picks along with what features each offer.

What strollers convert to double? The Bumbleride Indie Twin is a lightweight stroller that converts to a double, making it great for families with two children. It has two reclining seats that can be adjusted separately. 

The seats are roomy and comfortable, with plenty of padding, and they have mesh lining to keep your little one cool when the weather heats up. 

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller: If you’re looking for a jogging stroller that converts to a double, the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller is an excellent choice. 

The Urban Glide 2 has a weight capacity of up to 100 lbs per seat, which means it can hold two children up to 50 kg each. The total maximum weight capacity for this stroller is 220 lbs.

Can you convert a single stroller to a double stroller?

No. If you want to use the same stroller with two children, then it needs to be able to support both of them at once. You’ll need to buy another stroller.

There are three main ways that double strollers can be converted into singles:

  • Buying a double that comes with an infant car seat adapter (which allows you to attach your infant car seat onto the frame) and then removing the infant car seat when your baby is big enough for their seat
  • It is buying a frame with a bassinet attachment, enabling you to place one child in the bassinet while still maneuvering around easily and in style.
  • Using an adapter bar and attaching one or more seats/car seats onto it.

Baby strollers that convert to double

There are plenty of options if you’re looking for a baby stroller that converts to double. Some people prefer this option because it’s easier than finding a separate stroller and car seat.

Joovy Twin Roo Plus

The Joovy Twin Roo Plus is a lightweight, compact stroller that’s easy to fold and unfold, making it ideal for everyday use. 

This stroller is great for twins because it can hold two children up to 40 pounds each. It has a large storage basket underneath the seat and a canopy with mesh panels and vents to keep your little ones cool and comfortable. 

The wheels are made of rugged rubber, so they won’t get stuck in sand or grass but still provide smooth rides on pavement or gravel.

Baby Trend Sit n’ Stand Double Stroller.

With a high weight limit and the ability to be used with two kids, the Baby Trend Sit ‘n Stand a Double Stroller is an excellent option for parents who need to accommodate their growing families.

The stroller sports two 5-point harnesses in each seat, and a large storage basket below that, can hold up to 50 pounds of supplies and gear. 

The seats can recline independently so that you can adjust each center based on your child’s needs. They also feature adjustable footrests, so older babies and toddlers have plenty of room to stretch out their legs during more extended strolls. 

And if you’re looking for an even lighter weight option than this one, check out our reviews on single strollers that convert into doubles using adapters.

What prams convert to double

A pram is a baby carriage with wheels. Prams come in many different shapes and sizes and are often referred to by their purpose (such as a double stroller).

BabyZen YOYO²

The BabyZen YOYO² is an excellent option for parents who want a lightweight pram that is easy to fold and carry. The buggy has an all-around canopy, protecting it from the elements in any direction. It’s also suitable from birth to 15kg so that you can use it with your child up to toddlerhood.

It’s also worth noting that the YOYO² comes with a storage bag, so you don’t have to worry about finding room in your car for it when not in use.

Baby Jogger City Tour Lux Double Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Tour Lux Double Stroller is the Cadillac of all double strollers, and it converts from single to double and can be used with a bassinet, car seat, toddler seat, or infant carrier.

The City Tour Lux has an anti-shock front wheel that keeps your child safer in the stroller. 

The unique shock absorbing system also helps to reduce strain on you as you push it around. The large canopy has built-in viewing windows, so you can keep an eye on your little one no matter where they are in the stroller.

Cosatto Supa Dupa Go

The Cosatto Supa Dupa Go will not be it if you’re looking for a cheap pram. It’s not even the most expensive, but it’s certainly not cheap. 

You can buy this pram in three colors: black, pink, or blue, and each one costs £299 from Amazon (at the time of writing).

It’s well made, has a bassinet feature, and has adjustable handles. The Cosatto Supa Dupa Go doesn’t convert into a double pushchair, though – like many other two-seater strollers on the market today – so if that’s what you want, then this isn’t going to cut it.

What ages do you need a double stroller?

It would be best if you had a double stroller when your child is too big for a single stroller.

It would be best to have a double stroller when your child needs a sibling to ride along.

You need a double stroller when transporting more than one child at once, like if you have twins or triplets.

Double strollers are about twice as wide as single ones and use two sets of wheels instead of one, so they’re not always easy to maneuver through tight spaces—especially indoors.

Some models come with hand brakes or foot pedals that can help you control how fast the stroller moves (but this can be tricky if you have multiple kids in there).

Also, remember that most models only weigh around 30 pounds, which means they’re pretty lightweight compared with traditional jogging strollers—but then again, those usually don’t fold down as small either.

And finally: There are lots-and-lots-and-lots of options out there, so make sure whatever type suits *your* needs best before making any purchases. 


Are there any jogging strollers that convert to double? The answer to this question depends on the brand and model of stroller you’re looking at. 

Some jogging strollers convert to doubles, while others are designed specifically for singles.

If you have a stroller built for jogging and want it to be a double, you’ll need to purchase an attachment or second seat.

If your single jogger doesn’t convert into a double, then an attachment may exist that will allow you to add another seat. 

However, these attachments are costly and may not work with all models of joggers (and they’re often sold out). 

No guarantee adding another seat will make your stroller as stable or comfortable as when it was just one.

 If your main priority is being able to jog with two kids but don’t want the added expense of upgrading from a single jogger model (or if your budget won’t allow for it), then perhaps investing in two separate strollers—one for each kiddo—is the best option for you.

What strollers convert to double? You can make this stroller a double by purchasing the Urban Glide 2 Double Jroller Seat.

This seat is designed for children from birth up to 75 pounds and can be used with 1, 2, or 3 children. The Urban Glide 2 Double Jroller Seat has a 5-point safety harness and is compatible with most car seats.

Thule upgraded the wheels on this stroller to 16″ fully inflatable wheels, making them smoother to push over rough terrain. 

They also improved the front swivel wheel locking mechanism, making it easier to lock/unlock while pushing with one hand. 

The Urban Glide 2 Double is a fantastic convertible stroller that will allow you to take your youngest twins on any adventure.