What Strollers Are Allowed At Disney?


Are you picturing a Disney vacation with your little one? It’s a magical experience for adults and kids alike—nothing beats the character meet-and-greets, fireworks shows, and parades. 

However, as any parent knows, it’s not always easy to wrangle a tired toddler when there’s so much to do. 

Strollers are an absolute must for Disney trips with young children. But before you throw yours in the car on your way to Orlando or rent one at the Magic Kingdom gates, we have some tips regarding strollers at Disney World:

What strollers are allowed at Disney? Disney only allows strollers with a safety belt, and they must be small enough to fit through the standard turnstiles at Disney World. 

Strollers must also have a flat, stiff, non-flexible surface so they don’t get stuck in the turnstiles. Strollers will still be allowed on the Monorail if they meet these requirements.

However, they must be kept at a low or reduced rate while walking through attractions and using FastPass+ lines. 

Depending on the stroller design and size, you may be asked to fold it up at attractions’ entrances before proceeding.

Can I bring my stroller to Disney World?

Disney World does allow you to bring your stroller, but there are a few things you need to know. 

The first is that if you choose to bring your stroller, it needs to be small enough to fit in a locker at the park. 

-This means any non-collapsible strollers will not be allowed. If it doesn’t fit in one of those lockers, they won’t let you bring it into the park.

The second thing worth noting is that if you decide to use your stroller at Disney World, they will require a deposit on top of what they charge for their rental chairs. 

You’ll need valid credit card information with which they can charge this deposit when checking in at any of the parks or hotels, and make sure that all gates are shut before departing from any rides.

What kind of strollers are not allowed at Disney?

The following types of strollers are not allowed at Disney:

Disney does not allow strollers that have a canopy with an attachable visor or similar accessory because these can interfere with the view of guests behind you. 

Any commercial strollers are prohibited and must be returned to their owner’s vehicle or checked at lockers and held for later pickup.

-Strollers are too large to fit through standard doors or queue lines.

-Strollers that are too heavy to be pushed by a single person.

-Strollers with a canopy, carry basket, sunshade, or tray.

-Strollers with an attached seat back (some children’s stroller seats collapse into the frame of their stroller and cannot be used at Disney).

Can I rent a stroller at Disney World?

You can rent a stroller at Disney World, and you’ll have to rent your stroller before arriving—they don’t sell them on site. 

-This is probably because they’re too busy ensuring that every one of their guests can get the most magical experience possible.

If you’d rather not lug around your vehicle, there are plenty of places where you can pick up a rental: at your hotel or the theme park itself. 

The cost varies depending on the location, but expect to pay $15-$30 daily for one of these sweet rides. 

Not bad, considering it comes with a soft-bristled brush and footrest for brushing away any dirt or dust that may have collected under your feet during this exciting journey into the imagination.


What size stroller is allowed at Disney World? Strollers must be less than 30 inches wide, 36 inches long, and 42 inches tall. 

On all strollers, the safety bar must not exceed 8 inches in height and be able to fold down without using tools. 

-This means that your stroller should fit through any door opening in the park with ease.

The stroller should have a reclining seat or removable padded sunshade that covers an area of at least 50 percent of the body when fully extended (the canopy should not extend over 15 inches past the front edge of the seat).

Yes, you can rent a double stroller at Disney World. These are available for a fee, and you’ll have to pay extra if you need an infant seat.

No additional payment is required if you’re traveling with kids between 3 and 9 years old.

If you want to rent one of these strollers in advance (which we strongly recommend), visit the Stroller Rental & Return Information page on Disney’s website. 

-This will help ensure that your children don’t miss out on any of their favorite rides because they were too far away from their parents’ arms as they waited in line for hours upon hours on end—an experience we know all too well.

Can I rent a jogging stroller at Disney World? You can rent a jogging stroller at Disney World. We’ve done it, and it was pretty great.

Jogging strollers are available for rent in the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, but not the Animal Kingdom or Epcot.

They cost $15 daily (though you will probably pay more like $19 when you add in tax).

When writing, only one airline allows you to check your jogger as baggage—Delta Air Lines. 

If your child is over two years old, they will have to ride in something else while you cart your jogger around on vacation with you.

If they are under two years old and weigh less than 40 pounds (as measured by Disney), their carrier can be checked as luggage.

For example, your daughter weighs about 30 pounds at two-and-a-half years old; so if you were traveling alone (your child is too young to sit unassisted), you would need to check their car seat as luggage.

How much does it cost to rent a stroller at Disney World? It depends on the type of stroller you want to rent. The prices are $15-$30 per day for single strollers, $10-$15 per day for double strollers, and $5-$10 per day for jogging or wheelchair-style models. 

You can pay by cash or credit card at the park entrance. Still, you’ll get discounts if you’re staying on property with Disney’s Magical Express bus service (including free transportation from Orlando International Airport).

What strollers are allowed at Disney? Any stroller that you can fit through a standard doorway. 

So if you’re planning on visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World with your little one soon, don’t panic about getting the perfect stroller. 

Make sure it meets these basic requirements, and you should be set.