What Stroller Can I Bring To Disney?

Deciding to bring a stroller to Disney World is, for many parents, an easy choice. After all, it’s difficult for little ones to walk the parks for hours at a time. 

But what kind of stroller should you bring? Can you use your own? Well, that depends on the size of your stroller. 

While Disney allows you to bring your stroller into the parks, it cannot be more than 36″ wide and 52″ long (although they will enable larger wagons).

If your stroller exceeds these dimensions and you don’t want to rent one at the park, consider renting one from the local company Kingdom Strollers, or buying one before your trip.

What stroller can I bring to Disney? You’ll want to get a lightweight stroller, easy to fold and fits in your car.

Disney buses do not accept strollers.

Strollers are not allowed on rides, not even the baby swap-out kind. So you will have to leave them in your hotel room or at one of the park’s designated stroller parking areas, which are only available at certain parks and attractions. 

The best way to get around this is by renting a wheelchair from one of Disney’s Preferred Providers—it won’t cost an arm and leg like renting an electric scooter would.

Can I bring my stroller to Disney?

Yes! You can bring your stroller as long as it’s in good working order, doesn’t exceed the maximum weight limit, and meets all of Disney’s requirements.

You cannot bring a stroller that is too big or heavy. The maximum dimensions for single/double strollers are: Length: 36 inches; Width: 21 inches; Height (to top of handle): 40 inches | Maximum Weight Limit – 100 lbs

If you’re bringing an umbrella or lightweight folding stroller, ensure it will fit under an airplane seat. 

Some airlines allow you to check these at the gate for free if space allows. Otherwise, they cost extra to check at baggage claim on arrival at Orlando International Airport ($25).

Are there any Disney stroller options if I decide not to bring my own?

If you’re not sure about bringing your stroller, don’t worry. Disney World has a variety of strollers available for rent. 

They are available at all parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. Strollers are also available for children ages three and up and up to 48 inches tall. 

The cost is $15 per day per stroller (and $14 for Magic Kingdom park only). Reservations can be made online through the My Disney Experience app or website 60 days before your vacation start date.

Does Disney World sell strollers?

You can’t buy a stroller at Disney World, but there are plenty of things for sale that you can use to make your stroller more comfortable. 

Disney World sells strollers for rent (at a cost), but if you have your own, here are some accessories that may also be helpful.

If you’re looking for storage space to carry extra bags or snacks with you on the go, consider purchasing a storage basket attachment that fits onto the front of your stroller. 

There’s also room underneath most umbrella strollers for large diaper bags and other items too large for pockets or cup holders. 

If you’d like something smaller than an umbrella option because it’s easier to fold up and take with or store when not in use (without taking up much space), then look into folding travel systems instead

—they typically include both baby carriage/stroller combo options and car seats compatible with each other, so they require less effort when bringing along children on outings like these.

If none of those options sound right yet, but you still want something compact enough not to take up all space inside the vehicle while still being able-bodied enough to withstand daily usage throughout the trip duration without breaking down mid-travel day: consider buying one last accessory called an extendable handlebar which makes pushing easier.

How many children can a Disney World stroller hold?

The number of children a stroller can hold depends on the stroller, but in general, it should be able to accommodate the weight and height of your child. 

It’s also important to consider that you’ll be carrying a lot of gear during your trip, so make sure your stroller has enough storage space for items like diapers and snacks.

It’s also essential that the width of a given model is sufficient to fit through narrow spaces such as doors and turnstiles; if not, you may have trouble getting through some areas with all three kids strapped in.


Where can I find the proper size Disney stroller for my child? You can find a stroller perfect for your little one in a few different ways!

  • If you’re staying at a Disney Resort, you can rent a stroller for your stay. This option is great if you don’t want to buy or bring a stroller with you on vacation, but it’ll cost some extra money.
  • Before heading into the park, you can rent or buy one at Orlando’s airport. Purchasing at an airport will be cheaper than buying in the parks because they have lower overhead costs; however, they may not have as large of a selection as what’s available in stores around Disney World.
  • A third option is bringing your wheelchair-accessible chair from home—if this works well for your family (and no other option appeals), then pack up that travel system.

The problem with this approach might be finding somewhere safe to store it while visiting attractions; consider packing up all but one child into their strollers so there’s room left over for yours when needed.

What are some things I should consider when choosing a stroller for Disney World? Size of the stroller 

weight of the stroller

Storage space for baby items, your belongings, and food

Safety features: is it easy to lock in place? Does it have airbags? Do you need a car seat adapter? Can you remove parts for easier cleaning (like with a Bugaboo)?

Comfort: does it feel heavy when pushing it around? Is there an adjustable handlebar so you can choose how high or low to hold onto it? 

How wide are its handles? Are they ergonomic enough that they won’t cause cramps after hours of walking around the parks with your two-year-old in tow while carrying all their gear too!

  • Price: How much will this cost me over time? I don’t want my credit card bill going up by $500 when we get back home from vacation because I splurged on something that ended up not being worth what I paid for.

Will my child have to be in a stroller at Disney World? Disney World is very busy, and it cannot be easy to keep up with your child. Many people will be everywhere, and your child may want to run off after something or someone. 

You must always keep an eye on them, even if you think they are safe in the stroller.

  • Don’t let them walk around at Disney World
  • Don’t let them climb on things at Disney World
  • Please don’t leave them unattended at Disney World

While bringing or renting a stroller for your child at Disney World may seem like a hassle, it’s the best option. 

Not only does it give you something to lean on when you’re tired after walking around all day, but your child won’t get too tired by being carried all over the place. 

If you decide against renting one, make sure that the stroller you choose is appropriate for your children’s age and size.