What Stroller Can I Bring On The Plane?

Whether traveling with a newborn or a toddler, navigating an airport and getting on a plane can be daunting. 

And that’s without considering how to handle your child on the flight itself! But one of the most common questions I hear from moms is this: 

Can I bring my stroller with me on the plane? There are many types of strollers, but only certain ones are allowed on board. 

In this article, we’ll explain which strollers can fly with you and which ones will have to travel in cargo.

What stroller can I bring on the plane? Strollers are allowed on many airlines, but not all. If you’re flying with a lap child, you can usually bring your stroller as long as it’s under the stroller size limits for each airline.

If you have an infant or toddler and need to use a car seat on board, there may be additional restrictions regarding which types of car seats are permitted in-flight. 

Some airlines provide information about their policies via the web; others do not. Also, some airports have rules about what types of bags can be brought into their terminals and onto planes

—whether these rules differ from those that apply to checked bags or carry-on luggage is unknown.

Is there a fee associated with bringing a stroller?

You can bring a stroller on the plane, but you must gate-check it. If you want to gate-check your stroller, there is no fee associated with doing so. 

However, keep in mind that the airline can’t guarantee that they will be able to store your stroller at their airport at all times; if they run out of space, they may ask you to check it down or take it back home with you.

Does my baby need to sit in the stroller during takeoff and landing?

They must always stay in their car seat if you’re flying with a baby. The FAA recommends that your child be secured in their car seat for the duration of your flight, including takeoff and landing.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule: The FAA requires that if you have a newborn or infant younger than two years old (and weighing less than 22 lbs). 

They must be seated in a rear-facing car seat during takeoff and landing, but if older than two years old (and weighing more than 22 lbs), they must sit forward-facing car seat.

Babies cannot sit in strollers during taxiing or takeoff/landing for safety reasons. But once the plane is at cruising altitude (typically when people start getting out of their seats), babies can remain strapped into their strollers as long as there are open seats available that other passengers agree to let us use. 

At the same time, they go outside to get some fresh air or grab something at the snack bar – ask nicely.

Do I have to gate-check my stroller?

Yes and no. You can take the stroller on the plane with you, but it’s a good idea to check in your luggage and gate-check your stroller first.

 If your stroller folds up quickly, then it will fit in most overhead bins on planes. But if it doesn’t fold down completely or doesn’t have a handle that locks into place, then there is no way you’ll get away without checking it at the gate. 

And even if you manage to cram it into an overhead bin with all of your other bags, there’s always a chance that someone will decide they need to access their bags at some point during the flight and remove whatever was blocking their access from above!

So yes: Strollers are allowed in cabins (and should be purchased separately from checked luggage). 

Still, if possible, we recommend checking them at baggage claim so that there isn’t any confusion about what happens next for anyone involved once they arrive at their destination city/airport.”

Can my car seat be used as a stroller?

For the most part, car seats are not allowed on planes. -This is because they’re dangerous and can injure people if they break free during turbulence or a crash. 

They also tend to be bulky and heavy, making it difficult for airport staff to move around quickly and efficiently.

However, many parents still want to bring their car seats when traveling by plane with their child in tow. 

Unfortunately for those parents who want to keep their child safe while flying but don’t want them exposed to the risks of having an unsecured item like a car seat lying around on board a plane, there’s no way around it: 

You’ll have to check your car seat at the gate and pick it up later once you land.

Can I take a stroller with me on the plane?

Yes, you can take a stroller with you on the plane. However, size limits apply, and it’s essential to check with individual airlines before boarding.

If you plan to pack a stroller for use on your vacation, make sure it can fit in the plane’s overhead compartment.

Most major airlines allow you to bring the stroller on board and place it in the baggage hold. 

If you are checking your stroller, check with your airline to find out if they have special requirements for strollers before you pack your travel bag.

Due to FAA regulations and stroller weight restrictions, the stroller is not allowed as carry-on baggage during takeoff and landing.


Is there a way I can keep my baby in the stroller during the flight? Yes, there are a few ways you can keep your baby in their stroller during the flight. 

Depending on your airline, you may be allowed to bring an empty stroller into the cabin, or they may allow you to board with a child seat attached.

If they allow the child seat only and not a whole stroller, it will make it easier for you to take care of the baby during the flight and keep them safe and secure.

However, at some airports, there may be issues with this, and it would depend on the size of the plane. 

We recommend checking with your airline before traveling to ensure that your car seat/stroller will fit on the plane, especially if it is more significant than average.

Which stroller is allowed in flight? As long as your stroller meets the size requirements of the airline, it should be safe to take on board.

But just because you can bring a stroller onto the plane doesn’t mean you should.

Several carriers will offer free gate check services for passengers traveling with children and infants if you need to gate-check your stroller.

Here are some tips for making sure your baby travels well in an airplane:

What strollers are allowed on the plane? It’s important to know that the stroller has to be under the following size limits:

  • Less than 45 inches (115 cm) when fully opened
  • Weighs less than 50 pounds (22.7 kg)
  • It has a length of fewer than 48 inches (122 cm), including wheels and handles, when folded.

What strollers are allowed? It can be difficult for a parent traveling with kids or babies to decide whether you should bring a stroller on the plane.

There are many different kinds of strollers you can bring on a plane, but there are limitations. For example, two-wheeled strollers aren’t as easy to manage as larger three-wheel strollers. 

The baby travel bag is also a must if you need extra storage space and want to keep your child contained while at the airport or any other place while traveling.